What You Should Do About Puppy Jumping Behavior

What You Should Do About Puppy Jumping Behavior

Article by Sandy Rutherforde

A new puppy can be an exciting addition to a family. The puppy is usually as enthusiastic about being adopted into a new pack as the family is about getting a new puppy. A new dog is often so excited that he’ll jump all over the owners. So far as the pet knows, he or she is not doing anything wrong. He’s just sharing his affection for his new-found pack mates. Guests in your house might not be so enthusiastic about seeing the new canine as the dog is about seeing them. When you own a new puppy, you need to figure out a way to handle puppy jumping behavior.

Getting this problem in control will require training your puppy. There are as many ideas on the way to train a puppy as there are dog trainers. Most concentrate on punishment and reward. Whenever the animal jumps up on people, he needs to understand that his master does not approve. Pack animals need the approval of individuals who they perceive as the alpha. An owner needs to establish dominance in the relationship early.

Whenever it’s done correctly, he won’t need to employ more aggressive methods to assert it later. Even something as basic as an unpleasant noise will help. The idea is the fact that it has to be something that informs the puppy that he has displeased you in some manner. If you need ideas on how you can accomplish this, there are plenty of puppy training professionals who will help you get the idea of what you’ll need to do.

Punishment is simply not as effective as rewarding the dog any time he does well. Puppies, like little children, crave approval from all those around them. Additionally, they like treats. Offering your puppy treats cements your approval and lets the dog know that he did well. Even when it doesn’t work just like the owner hopes, the canine companion will repeat the previous performance in the hope that he’ll get something eventually.

The dog owner can slowly raise the time between giving treats until the puppy knows what is expected of him all the time. It’s not always quick to remedy puppy jumping behavior, and high strung breeds are more likely to have problems than low-energy dog breeds are with the same thing.

The methods given here work for lots of areas of training, but when you’re not sure whether a given approach will give good results, you might want to seek the advice of a qualified professional. Not every pet will be an obedience school graduate. Some breeds are willful and will give their owners a really hard time. But with lots of persistence and love, it’s possible to overcome puppy jumping behavior once and for all.

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