The Use Of Dog Cages And Kennels When Training Your Dog

When you are searching for a dog kennel for your pet, remember that there are certain ones that are made for different types of dogs, and not every cage will be correct for your particular situation. There are kennels which are designed and made strictly for the comfort of small animals which are being transported. There are also the kennels which are designed with security in mind, made especially for the larger pets.

You can get a dog cage in any size that can be thought of, and some are big enough to hold an entire room filled with people. They are also made to fill different needs, and have many various styles. Make sure to get one that suits your exact needs and specifications.

If it is for traveling with your pet, you may want to get a cage that is fabric with a door of mesh and a roof that is zippered; or you may want to invest in the hard plastic type of cage with metal doors, or a kennel which is totally metal mesh save for a solid floor. Any of these are appropriate places for your pets safety and comfort while you are on a trip, be it for a vacation or going from one show to another. Also, these are ideal when you are not allowed to have your pet roaming free in a facility.

Most cages and kennels for training are designed to be used inside as a way of either housebreaking your animal, punishing him for bad behavior, or keeping him from running loose when nobody is around to keep an eye on him. If you can keep your dog in the cage at night when you are sleeping, they will learn to wait to use the bathroom until you are able to let them out, and this will help you with getting them on a schedule.

When he does something wrong, you can put him in his cage as a way of solitary confinement. Before long he will associate the confines of the kennel with the bad behavior and will adjust his behavior accordingly to avoid the punishment. This is also a wonderful way to keep your dog from tearing up the house when there is no one there to play with him.

There are also cages made for outdoor use, like kennels, wooden floor cages that are a part of a doghouse, or dog runs, that are much like cages but have legs above the ground, and are stronger. Lastly, there are walk in cages which are much larger cages that can fit several large dogs in.

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