Reason – German Shepherd available for adoption

Reason’s Story: Reason is a 5 year old red sable male who was picked up as a stray by animal control. Reason is housebroken and crate trained. He knows sit, down, wait, no and he recently learned how to roll over! He rides great in the car and has been left alone in the car without causing any damage. We can also leave him in our backyard without worrying if he is going to dig up our flowers or plants in the garden. He is a really trustworthy dog. Reason is sometimes is a little distracted when we give him commands. We do not know much about his past but he is a bit hesitant when playing ball and we are working to show him we are not going to throw anything at him. He is making progress in learning how to pay attention and play. Reason gets a bit excited when he sees other dogs. He is not dog reactive but will whine because he wants to see what the dogs are about. When meeting a strange dog he will sniff them but does not do much after that. If the dog is a little playful he might be hesitant because I dont think he knows they are just trying to play. He also pulls a little on walks but can be quickly reminded to slow down and he will listen. Reason is most excited when we feed him and when we get the leash ready to go on walks. We make him sit and wait before he gets his food and he listens without complaint. He is currently getting two walks a day and we are sure he can go on many more. He has a lot of energy outside. He runs with us but in short distances. We have not
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