No Crate House Training a Golden Retriever Puppy

No Crate House Training a Golden Retriever Puppy

Article by Laurence Burrows

You have brought your golden retriever puppy home. The first thing you need to do is house training. You have carpets and floors, don?t you? Crate training is a popular thing to do. The problem is, crate training is not for everyone. Putting your new puppy in a small cage? This can?t be right! In fact, some dogs suffer separation anxiety, panic attacks, and develop behavioral problems in crates. There are other methods of golden retriever training to potty train your puppy which don?t involve crates. This article discusses 3 of them: the den method, the paper method, and the direct method.

The first method involves creating a small den for your puppy. Wall off a small space in the garage, a bathroom, or another room. Make a comfortable living area for your puppy. Include some chew toys. Establish a small ?bed? with a blanket, a towel, or even a cardboard box. When your puppy realizes this is his or her sleeping area, your puppy will instinctively avoid soiling it. Also, feed your puppy in the den and play with him or her there. When your puppy gets used to sleeping on the ?bed?, you can move it around the house. You can also leash yourself to your puppy, so your puppy is never left unattended.

When your puppy is new(about 8 weeks), you will have to carry him or her outside every hour to 90 minutes to go to the bathroom. Use the same exit, and go to the same place in the yard every time. Give your dog a few minutes to go to the bathroom. If so, praise and reward him or her. After your puppy goes to the bathroom is the time to let him or her run around and play a little. Also, use a regular feeding schedule. Do not just leave out the water and food bowls. As you begin to learn the time of day your puppy tends to ?eliminate?, you can start cutting down on the hourly schedule. You will also notice your puppy acting a certain way before going to the bathroom. He or she may circle and sniff, so you will know when to go outside.

The next trick is to hang some bells on a string from the doorknob of the same exit door you use to go outside every time. Every time you leave to go to the bathroom, ring the bells. Also use verbal cues, saying the same thing like ?go to the bathroom?, or ?do your business?. Eventually, have your puppy nudge the bells himself or herself on the way outside. When the puppy begins to ?ask? to go to the bathroom by ringing the bells, you can completely eliminate the den.

The next method involves putting down paper or pretreated pads. The papers are treated with a chemical that is attractive to the puppy. When you see your puppy sniffing the floor and circling, put him or her down on the pads. If your puppy goes to the bathroom, reward and praise him or her. The only time to ever scold the puppy, is if you catch him or her in the act of going on the carpet. If you scold your puppy after the fact, your dog will not understand what you are angry about. It is always more effective to use positive reinforcement when training golden retrievers. Use treats and praise. Eventually, move the pads close to the exit door, and then outside. In time, the puppy learns to go outside when going to the bathroom.

The third method involves simple supervision. This method works for those who can spend all of their time with their puppy. When your puppy goes into his or her routine of sniffing the floor and walking around, pick up the puppy and bring your dog outside to the ?toilet area?. Give your puppy a few minutes to eliminate. If so, reward and praise your dog. Don?t let the dog play around outside, so your dog doesn?t start ?asking? to go outside just to play. Use consistent verbal cues like ?bathroom?? to help establish a better communication. Eventually, the puppy is taught and learns to go outside whenever he or she has to go to the bathroom.

When cleaning an accident, do it out of the dog?s site. White vinegar helps to get out the smell, so the puppy doesn?t return to the same spot. Also, don?t use ammonia products, since they smell similar to urine. There is plenty of debate which method of house training works the best. Choose the method that is best for your particular living situation. Good luck!

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