Italian Greyhound Made in UK Artistic Style Dog Figurine Collection

Product Features

  • [137 various] made in U.K Artistic Style dog figure collection
  • Size & Weight 4.1 x 5.8 x 1.6cm 40g
  • The faithful reproduction of the coat of hair and features of the breed. It's highly artistic and elaborate finish.
  • It's good for decoration of the room as classy and antique atmosphere.
  • It's also good for paper weight because of the moderate weight as well as interior.
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Old Price: $29.80
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Product Description

This is exquisite, dignified, and expensive-looking Dog Figurine made of good quality metal (composition metal with antique silver-looking finish) manufactured by a dog accessory maker with long tradition and history of more than 50 years in Britain.
The pieces are made in highly artistic finish whose characteristics of each dog type and coat have been precisely and finely replicated.
Many of the products are designed by a British artisanal designer of the day, and each piece of any dog type is genuinely and finely crafted with an artistic taste. These chic silver or gold-colored items can be used by owners of a dog with any hair color, making the items highly popular in the U.K., the home country.
All pieces are, even today, carefully handcrafted by British artisans, one by one.

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