Although there are so many different ways to potty train a puppy. It is very difficult to find one that suit your pup’s need and fits your life style. A Simpler Method for Indoor Potty Training : This method is like making a deluxe crate = a better larger crate with a bathroom in it . This way your new dog won’t go all over the house at the beginning while he/ she is still learning to master it’s potty training skill. Using a traditional crate will be too hard for people who go to work 8 – 5 daily and when the puppy is still too small to hold their pee for 7 -9 hours. This method I created is proven to be VERY SIMPLE for ANY pups to understand. It even works for older/ untrained dogs, house with multiple dogs like mine, or hyper pups who can’t focus. It also works for busy owners and family with children who likes to keep the house clean & urine- free. You MUST START THE POTTY TRAINING STEPS BEFORE YOU BRING YOUR DOG HOME. Yes, that’s right ! What that means is, before you bring your new dog home, you must : 1. Get a GATE / PLAYPEN for your home to make boundaries for your new dog. Your house is too big and confusing for the new dog and it needs your help to make it simpler for him/ her by using gates / playpen. *In my video I use Small Animal Playpen (Large size).Brand : All living Things, available in Petsmart for 2. Choose a specific area for them to go potty (this method was designed for indoor potty training for small to medium dogs, for bigger dog I recommend
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