How to Train Golden Retriever Puppies – Starting Small

How to Train Golden Retriever Puppies – Starting Small

Article by Kristen Stevens

Training can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your new puppy. These simple strategies will give you some basic guidelines for how to train Golden Retriever puppies.

It is not generally difficult to train Golden Retriever puppies, since this breed is highly intelligent and thrives on your affection and praise. Your Golden Retriever puppy might be a bit excitable at times, but if you begin simply and give him plenty of consistent practice, you will start to see the effects of your training in no time.

To begin, get your puppy used to his environment. Show him where he will get water and food, where he will go to the bathroom, where he will sleep, and what toys he can chew on and play with. As you play with new Golden Retriever puppies, stay consistent in the rules you have chosen. At most, bad behavior should be reprimanded with a stern word such as “No!” Consistently show your puppy what behavior is appropriate (playing with a squeaky toy rather than a shoe, for instance), and praise him frequently with a happy voice or petting for everything he does right. In this way, he will learn to love pleasing you, and meeting your expectations will become a pleasant priority for him.

When it’s time for more specific obedience training to begin, start small. To train Golden Retriever puppies most effectively, you can break any desired behavior down into a few steps, and praise your dog or give him a treat as he learns each part of the process. If you are teaching your puppy to sit, for instance, start by holding a treat up in front of him, and then bring it around behind his head. At some point, he will probably sit down so he can look behind him at the treat. As soon as your puppy is in a sitting posture, even though it was accidental, praise him and give him the treat. Practice this a few times, until he is used to sitting as soon as you move the treat behind him. At this point, start saying, “Sit!” right when he sits, and before you give him his treat. As you practice, gradually increase the amount of time before giving your puppy his treat.

As your puppy gets more confident in any new skill, continue to praise him but only sometimes give him a treat. Eventually the behavior will be learned, and your dog will continue to obey just to please you, whether you have a treat for him that time, or not. To train Golden Retriever puppies effectively, remember to give them plenty of patience and practice.

Golden Retriever training should be fun for you and your puppy, since he is happy making you happy, and you will be happy to see him learn. Most behaviors and tricks can be broken down into smaller steps that are easy for you to teach, and for your puppy to learn and build on. If he gets a step wrong, don’t scold him, just praise him for everything he does right, and your Golden Retriever training will be a success before you know it.

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