Few Things To Know On Dog Training

Dogs are really cute animals. They are faithful and intelligent as well. They are similar to human beings in many ways and these are the reasons that so many people love to have pet dogs. Dogs have many natures similar to human beings. For example, they do not like harsh behavior forcing them to learn something. Also, just like different humans, the dog habits and behaviors can be different from one dog to another. Different methods are used in dog training depending on the nature and behavior of dog. So understanding a dog before training is really important step to consider.

Talking about intelligence of dogs, they are also different among all dogs. Factors which can be involved in this regard can be breed, health, environment or age and so on. That is the cause which makes up the dog training procedures different from one dog to another. There are some principles for dog training and they can be applied to any breed dogs. These principles are standardized and considered to be applied on each dog. Expert dog trainers have gone through the study of these principles and they declare them as universal principles for each and every dog. These are simple principles which involved the knowhow of your own dog. Following are those principles.

First principle which you need to follow strictly is not to hit your dog. Beating your dog for no reason and forcing him to learn what you desire can be proved unhealthy. This is the most ill mannered method and it does not follow human nature. Dogs will also get harmed from beating and hitting methods and this can turn them possibly into more defensive or more violent in future and this can also be harmful for others. Teaching with friendly methods is good. If your dogs do not learn by friendly methods, then you can slightly hit your dog. But make sure you are still friendly to your dog.

Dogs observe things quickly and they adopt them as their habit, which is never ending. So, if you taught your dog a habit, then it is so much difficult to alter that. So be careful that you are teaching your dog the right habits and behavior. If in case, your dog learn bad habits then it is harmful for others as well as for you. So always try to teach the right things to your dog. Force them to learn in a friendly manner and they will hopefully learn with the passage of time.

Beside the above two facts to follow about your dog, you need to “know” your dog in each sense. You must know the gesture your dog is making to show his emotions and requirements. Dogs do show what they want or what mood they are having by the gestures. Some of the gestures include tail wagging which indicates their friendly and happy mood or jumping when they want something or they need to make you know something. Similarly, dogs bark when they see something strange. So know gestures of your dog and behave accordingly to train your dog really quickly.

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