Effectively Socializing Your Pooch

Dogs and puppies enjoy social interaction, much as humans do. Dogs are generally friendly and do enjoy interacting with other types of animals from canines to reptiles. Of course, dogs are different just like people are different. Some dogs can be hostile with other animals including other dogs.

Regardless of their species, when you are a pet lover you may understand the value of having more than one dog. It can be challenging to keep a clean house, while dogs are defending their territory. Canine territorial conflict is not a pretty thing. For instance, while walking the dog after dark and a rival dog wanders by, are you able to make it back into the house without being covered in wet grass?

There are ways to remedy this. Your dog needs to be taught social behavior as soon as humanly possible. They’re like children, and as children, their minds are more susceptible to learning. You remember how easily you accepted things when you were a child, right? They have not established the line between a friend and an enemy; they’re just trying to learn, and you need to take advantage of that.

If you have decided to have just one dog, then in it’s young years you need to introduce it to other dogs. This way it will understand that not all dogs are enemies. It also needs to become used to being touched. This will make it friendlier around other people, and of course will keep it from biting every hand it happens to see.

Now when you have decided to introduce your puppy to other dogs, you need to make sure you keep a tight grip on their leash. Do this until you’re absolutely certain they aren’t going to kill each other. It sounds a little controlling, but just like children, they need to be taught the difference between right and wrong.

Many dogs at a young age like to jump, bite, or shove. This is play to them, but you need to teach them not to do this. They will do it with each other of course, but make sure that they are not hurting one another. Remember that there is nothing more annoying than trying to watch television and having your dog jumping on you every two seconds, especially if he or she is not a lap dog.

You might find that your dog likes to bark. All dogs love to bark, it is quite natural, but it becomes a bit nerve racking if your dog is standing in the house barking at all times. You can try to distract them with a treat, or teach them to stop barking all the time. It might not work at first, and if that is the case you will need to keep trying. Perhaps you can teach them that you will provide them a treat, but only if they will stop barking. If you use this method then over time they will learn only to bark when absolutely necessary.

You can train a puppy to be quiet by placing them on their back and then yelling in their face. It may not look so nice to others; however, it is a working method of many professional dog trainers. You can use this method with rescue animals as well to teach them to be quiet.

Take the time to train a puppy early. Doing so will make a much better pet of your dog or puppy. You will be able to enjoy your pet for years to come if you remember to do these things while dog training.

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