Easy Methods For House Training Your Puppy

It takes more than a few stacks of newspaper to house train a puppy. Patience, commitment, paying attention and consistency are needed.

A guide for training your puppy is listed below. Remember that accidents will happen even if you have a full grown dog.

Be patient and consistent when training your puppy as this training period can last a couple of weeks or more.

Develop a routine.

As with babies, puppies learn faster with normal schedules. This helps the puppy learn that there is a time for going to the bathroom, playing and eating.

For every month of age, a puppy can control their bladder for an hour. So, if the puppy is two months old, then he can control his bladder for two hours. Remember this when taking your puppy out for potty breaks. Hiring a dog walker might be necessary if you work away from the home to keep the schedule.

Take your puppy outside as soon as he wakes up, after drinking or eating, and during or after playing. Also, choose a spot outside for the bathroom. Always take him to that spot while he is on a leash. Use words or phrases such as “get busy” while he is going to the bathroom. He will learn to associate these words with relieving himself.

Give your puppy praise and a reward for using the bathroom outside. This needs to be done before you come back inside.

On average, puppies eat approximately three to four times per day. Feed your puppy at the same time to help develop a regular feeding schedule and bathroom schedule.

Make it easier to get through the night by picking up his dishes about two hours before going to bed. If he does happen to wake up in the middle of the night, do not freak out. If you do he may think it is playtime. Do not play or turn on a bunch of lights. Take him outside and then go back to bed.


Watch your puppy carefully when he is in the house so he will not have an accident.

Keep your puppy near you using a six foot leash if you are not playing with or training him. Some signs that he may need to use the bathroom include scratching at the door or barking, restlessness, circling or sniffing. If you see your puppy acting like that, take him outside immediately. After he uses the bathroom, reward him with praise or a treat.

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