Dog Training – Most Dogs Need Training And Here’s Why

Your life is going exactly as planned. You have a great family, nice house, a carrier you love, and you have even gotten a dog.

You wake up a 6 am with a smile on your face. You have a whole hour to yourself to get ready for work before you have to wake the kids up. You go about your morning quietly humming to yourself as you make your pot of coffee. The aroma is filling the house and you can’t help but think how lucky you are.

As you look out the window you happen to notice your neighbor is taking their little poodle out for a morning walk. How nice you think, maybe I should take my dog out too. Just then your dog magically wakes up and rushed to the window. The hair on his back is standing straight up and he lets out a warning growl. As you rush over to try to quite your dog before he wakes the house up, he start the full force barking.

As you are making every effort to quite him the baby starts screaming like a banshee and your older children slowly emerge from their rooms. All you can do is stare at your beautiful children because you know that within minutes the house will be in chaos and you didn’t even get to drink your first cup of coffee, let alone get ready for work. Any thoughts on relaxing before the day really began have been dashed.

That’s it you think. That dog needs dog training, barking at all hours of the day has got to go.

The need to get your dog trained has stayed in the back of your mind all day long. Your feeling a bit frazzled but you go about your work as normal. You pick your children up after work just in the nick of time for them to start getting over tired. Who can blame them, they got woke up extra early today. You get home and file them all in the house.

Just then your dog comes bounding up on you to show you how much you were missed. You nearly avoid being knocked over. You have a new demand to add to your dog training, jumping has to go as well. You look over and then you see it… the gaping hole in the middle of the carpet. That dog, that very, very bad dog has dug a whole smack dab in the middle of your living room carpet.

You look at your dog with daggers in your eyes and notice your kids are forming a circle around your dog. They are all giving you that pleading look because they don’t want you angry at their dog. After all, the dog did not mean to do it and he is really very sorry.

All you can think is that dog is a nuisance but there is nothing you can do. The children are head over heals in love with their dog and in truth, so are you. Regardless, you have to stop your dog digging holes especially in the middle the living room floor. That is when dog obedience training comes into play. The best way to get your dog to behave is to train him to do so.

When dog training barking is usually high on the priority of behaviors that have to go. Visit to learn how to safely and positively get your dog trained. Dog Obedience Training