Dog Training Advice For Better Results Fast

Dog training advice is more widely available than ever before, as professional trainers have cashed in on the desire of pet owners everywhere to have better trained canine companions. While this information can be helpful for most would-be trainers as they device an instructional program that fits their pet’s needs, there is also some simple principles that can expedite their efforts.

Understand how dogs cooperate

Dogs are cooperative animals by nature. Designed to hunt, live, and play in a pack environment, these animals are uniquely suited to making the adjustments that are required for proper social interaction. Anyone who says that dogs are difficult to understand or train ignores this simple truth.

Of course, that desire to peacefully exist within a communal environment should be viewed for what it is: a tool that can be used to more easily train the animal. The fact is that dogs almost always desire acceptance from others in their pack. In the human-pet dynamic, pleasing the human member of the pack is a priority for most dogs.

Be the canine king

Still, the fact that humans are viewed by dogs as members of their pack does not negate the need for those humans to demonstrate leadership. Every pack must have an alpha male, and it is the pet owner’s job to ensure that he fills that role. Dogs, like children, require boundaries so that they know exactly what is expected of them in every instance. Confused dogs can become problem dogs.

Learn to use a steady hand

No animal can be successfully trained when the commands and expectations change from day to day. Consistency is important in every area of education. Rewards should remain constant, as should the words and phrases used to train the pet. Moreover, the prime focus should be on rewards rather than punishments, as the trust of every animal must be maintained at all times.

Keep a positive attitude

Dogs cannot be properly trained in a negative environment. Yelling, cursing, and violent physical outbursts are all things that must be avoided. Remember, the animal desires nothing more than to be praised for meeting expectation. Punishment is not required when a trainer wishes to show displeasure. All any trainer really needs to do is withhold a reward, and the animal will eventually understand what it is doing wrong.

Yes, most of this guidance seems to be obvious, but few people seem to utilize these principles properly in their canine educational programs. For those trainers who remember these essential truths, the ultimate goal of having a well-trained pet is always easier to reach when this simple dog training advice is used.

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