Crate Games with Blue our Labor Day House Guest – Dog Training Blue is a 11 week old border collie that came to stay with us over the Labor Day Weekend. I had a long list of things to work with Blue on and crate training was not actually one of them. However, the first night he was at our house I noticed that he did not really want to go in his crate. This was when I added crate games to my to do list. I started right away, which is why I am in my pj’s. LOL! Blue picked up on going in the crate really quickly. I was really impressed with this little guy! He did an outstanding job and was really motivated to work. I took a lot of footage and have a ton of video projects that will be starring Blue the Border Collie puppy. I personally believe that training a dog to LOVE, be comfortable, confident, and feel safe and secure in his crate is one of the most important things any owner could train their dog to do. Dogs need to be in crates for many things and it is a benefit if they already feel safe and enjoy being in there. A few times your dog will need to use a crate may include When they are at the vet – My little Twix just got neutered and the vet said he was very comfortable and happy in the kennels in the back both before surgery and after. My dogs love their crates. Traveling in the car – It is so important to have a dog in a crate when in a car or at least harnessed up. I have known too many people that have been in accidents and their dogs were injured or killed from being loose in the car. Being crated or
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