6 Good Reasons to Use a Puppy Training Book

6 Good Reasons to Use a Puppy Training Book

Article by James McClinsey

A well trained animal starts with a well trained master. A puppy training book can be a big help with avoiding novice mistakes. Of course, you can always rely on the advice of a relative or friend, but using a training book consistently will produce a much better result. With differing training methodologies come differences of opinion. When using your resource, make sure that the book meets the needs of both dog and owner.

Good Reason Number One: Respect

Dogs must respect their master but this must be a two way street. As human beings, it is incumbent upon us to meet the dog at their level so that they can learn from you. Consider how rewarding any relationship is without the element of respect.

Good Reason Numbers Two and Three: Routine and Rigidity.

Much like a child, dogs will thrive on routine as a means of organizing their day; a skill that serves humans well later in life in the world of work. Your chosen book should allow for you to complete your own routine in addition to training the dog. This is a prime reason that many people do not enjoy weekly training classes, although a proper resource can be an excellent supplement to a current training class regimen.

Rigidity comes in as a way of letting the dog know that you are in charge. Again, like a human child, dogs will test their boundaries. It is best to address behavior such as this in the puppy’s formative years.

Good Reason Numbers Four and Five: Praise and Positive Reinforcement

Although there are always exceptions to a given rule, generally a dog will do much better with praise and positive reinforcement than with yelling or a swat on the behind. A good resource will focus on rewarding good behavior in the name of positive reinforcement. Praise and positive reinforcement can come in the form of a physical treat or words of praise that make the dog happy because she/ he made you happy. It’s a reciprocally reinforcing relationship, in this sense.

Good Reason Number Six: Reviewed

Lastly, you want to choose a book that has been favorably reviewed. Even simply perusing a website with testimonials for a given book is a good way to do some research and find out which puppy training book is right for you and your dog.

To Summarize, the Six Good Reasons to Use a puppy training book are:

1. Respect 2. Routine 3. Rigidity 4. Praise 5. Positive Reinforcement 6. (well) Reviewed

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