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Police dogs trained to tackle perils of street crime


“The dogs are trained to protect their handlers and fellow officers, according to Palm Beach County K-9 Lieutenant Mark Halperin. “[Kenzo] absolutely knew what he had to do when he saw the suspect,” Halperin said. “It’s because of their training.”


Police dog training camp

News Talk Sports AM 1150

“The Kelowna RCMP is hosting their counterparts from Western Canada, Ontario and even police from the United States for a spring seminar dealing with police dogs and their handlers. City Park is the training ground and the Kelowna RCMP Helicopter – Air …”


Beckley police seeks new K-9

Beckley Register-Herald

“In February 2011, Drake, a 7-year-old German Shepherd trained in tracking, narcotics detection and obedience, was put down due to a genetic back injury, which left the unit with three dogs: German Shepherds Helo and Vinnie, and Bloodhound Artie.”

Police dog dies during procedure


“Chance, a nearly 6-year-old German shepherd who worked as a tracking dog, died unexpectedly Tuesday during a routine veterinary procedure. The exact cause of death isn’t yet known. He had a back ailment common to his breed and was sedated while …TheNewsTribune.com”


Queensland Police Dog Squad


Training Ginny to serve as mine rescue dog and other dog training stories

Some dog news for June 3rd 2012


Survey dispels myths surrounding cat and dog lovers

“For example, only a quarter of dog owners surveyed think their pet is high maintenance – banishing the common myth that cats are easy to care for and dogs aren’t. Over half of cat owners, on the other hand, think their cat misses them during the day …”

You can train your own service dog.

Training own service dog has lasting benefits

“King decided he was going to get a service dog, but the waiting lists for such a dog were as long as five years or more. “I had trained dogs before, I can train my own dog,” he said. “I’m going to go ahead and get a puppy and see if I can do it myself.”


Here we have the worlds first mine rescue dog.


Ginny, the world’s first mine rescue dog

“McAllister said the idea was hatched during a long drive home after observing one of the company’s rescue teams in training. He said he began thinking about how Alpha’s mine rescue capability might be improved. If dogs could be used by police and …”


Abby found in sad ending.

Sad ending in search for missing service dog

“She’s the sister of Wyatt Reinhart, who relied on the trained service animal to help ease anxiety and deal with emotional problems and autistic tendencies. Wyatt particularly has trouble dealing with crowds or public places. When Abby went missing the …”


Always consider your dogs in the heat. Don’t overwork them or leave them in your car when its hot outside.

With summer approaching, consider the danger of heat to dogs

“At a recent managers’ meeting at All Dogs Gym, we were discussing topics for our monthly all-staff lunch and training session. The winning suggestion was to review the symptoms of heat stroke, especially for our newer staff. Even though heat stroke is …”


Poodle Eats a cornish game hen?

Would you let your dog eat this?

Leave your comments below.

Another story about Ginny the mine rescue dog.

Search and rescue: Training man’s best friends to serve as miners’ best friends

“During a press conference on Friday, Alpha introduced Ginny — its Alpha dog — a K-9 specifically trained to aid underground coal mine rescue teams as they work to assist coal miners trapped underground by a mine explosion. The idea to train a mine …”



Dog belongs in back seat, for Everyones Safety

Dog Training Myths

Most dogs are good with kids, but there are exceptions. If you start out with a puppie, the chances of it growing with the children and being good with other kids is greater. Some dogs are not so great with kids, but it depends on how they were trained and what kind of loving ar not so loving household they live in. Take your time when approaching any dog with your kids, but don’t be afraid or the outcome may not be so nice. Kids should be shown not to be afraid of dogs from a young age to avoid this.

Senior Lookout: Remember, not all dogs and kids are a good mix

“Contrary to popular myth, dogs don’t need to be punished or dominated to be trained, and such methods can actually increase the likelihood of a bite. Studies show that aggressive owners have more aggressive dogs. If you need help with your dog, …”


Never ride with your dog loose in the car. In the event of an accident the dog could become a projectile and even get ejected from the car. Find the proper size crate or dog carrier for your dog and if possible strap the carrier in with the seatbelts.

“A number of companies make car restraints for dogs. They hook onto your existing seat belts.”


Click & Clack: Dog belongs in back seat, for everyone’s safety

“Thanks. — Yvonne Tom: Well, first, we’d like to congratulate the dog on having done such an excellent job of training your son. Most people would start by modifying the dog’s behavior rather than modifying the electronics of their car.”



Surprise Party – Clicker Training: helping the reactive dog

www.pamsdogacademy.com Does your dog react to people, dogs, cats, or things by barking, lunging, or growling at them? Well, this game can help keep your dog from reacting and it will help build a positive association to all those scary, awful things that your dog is either unsure of or does not like. This game will help change the emotional response and how your dog feels about those things. Your dog say, “Hmmmm yummy treats appear every time a scary dog does, cool; I hope more dogs show up.” Have a wonderful day and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thanks for watching and do not forget to subscribe. Pam, Isabelle, & Bandit
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